Back to School Organization Tips for College Students

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July 22nd, 2022

Tips for College Students: Have an Organized Dorm

Getting ready for the fall semester in Pocatello, Idaho? YourWay Storage has tips and tricks to stay organized.

College students around the country will be getting ready to head to the dorms for the start of the fall semester. Freshmen are excited and nervous about this next phase of their lives, while returning students look forward to seeing friends, getting back to classes, and adjusting to college life. Living with close or brand-new friends in the dorms can be fun, but adjusting to a smaller space can be challenging! YourWay Storage has tips for organizing your dorm room and tricks for a successful semester.

Get Organized

It comes as no surprise that dorm rooms are on the smaller side. Some rooms measure around 300 square feet! Optimizing your space is of the utmost importance due to these small room sizes. Whether you are headed to college for the first time or returning for your second or third year, here are a few back-to-school tips for organizing your dorm room:

Moving Supplies

  • Picking up your moving supplies in advance is an easy way to start right! Gather your packing and moving supplies a few weeks before moving to college. Get a jump on your packing once you have your boxes, packing tape, boxes, etc.; if you already have it in the house, you will be more likely to get started sooner.

Make a List

  • Get and stay organized during the hectic few weeks before school starts! Use an app, make a list on your phone, write post-its and reminders, and choose your best method to keep yourself on track. Make lists of items needed before your move and supplies you will need to buy. Ensure you stay ahead by setting deadlines on your calendar, so you do not miss anything important.

Throw Away and Donate

  • Purge and donate belongings that you no longer need. Before you start packing, this is the perfect time to go through your belongings and pare down what you have. This will help you pack more efficiently and leave your bedroom at home a bit less cluttered. Make sure to donate any gently used items!

Overpacking? Not a Bad Idea

  • While normally, over-packing is a big no-no when it comes to storage bins, baskets, crates, and boxes that can provide extra space to store your belongings in your dorm room, the more, the merrier! You may utilize bins on the top shelf of your closet to help make your clothing easily accessible and less messy. Get creative! Make a bedside table using stacked crates with plenty of additional storage spots for blankets, pillows, extra charging cords, and remote controls.

Finding Space

  • Use your space creatively; Pinterest is a great tool for utilizing smaller spaces wisely! Organizing a dorm room half the size of your bedroom back home and you are sharing it with another person takes some creativity. Get risers for the bed so you can utilize the precious storage space underneath. Pick up shelving, racks, or hooks that can adhere to the walls for some vertical storage.

Set up a Workspace

  • The area where you will be studying and writing papers is arguably the most important space in your dorm room! You need to make sure your desk is clutter-free as often as possible. Eliminate items that could distract you and keep your supplies organized in containers or bins inside your desk drawers.

Extra Space

  • Rent a self-storage unit! Storage units are the perfect solution for college students needing more room. Items like sporting equipment or seasonal clothing can easily be placed in a small self-storage unit until you need them throughout the year. If your roommate does not have enough space, you can rent a storage unit together to save money on the monthly rent!

YourWay Storage has secure self-storage units in Pocatello, Idaho, close to Idaho State University! Our trained self-storage managers are eager to assist you in finding the perfect self-storage solution. Contact us today to learn how we help college students, like you, with extra space throughout the semester.

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