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Holiday Decorations: Using a Self Storage Unit is Simple

YourWay Storage | October 18, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

Properly Storing Holiday Decorations: Benefits of Using a Self Storage Unit in Pocatello

When the holiday season rolls around, nothing brings the festive spirit to life quite like holiday decorations. From Christmas trees adorned with ornaments to twinkling lights, scented candles, and wreaths, these decorations create the magical charm of the season. However, the challenge arises when it's time to store these cherished items until the next holiday season.

Limited storage space at home can make this task difficult. If you find yourself struggling to find a suitable place for your holiday decor, consider the convenience of a self storage unit in Pocatello. YourWay Storage offers valuable insights on proper organization and effective utilization of self storage for holiday decorations.

Storing Your Christmas Trees

A centerpiece of holiday decor, Christmas trees often require more storage space than other decorations. If possible, store artificial trees in their original boxes. Alternatively, disassemble the tree and place it in plastic bins. For added convenience, invest in a specialized Christmas tree bag that safeguards your tree from damage and keeps it in optimal condition until the next season.

Safeguarding Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments come in diverse shapes and sizes, from delicate glass creations to handcrafted paper designs. To protect these treasures, individually wrap each ornament in tissue paper and store them in boxes. Larger or uniquely shaped ornaments should ideally be stored in their original packaging. Divided boxes are useful for storing multiple ornaments, especially those with varying shapes. Using separate boxes for different types of ornaments helps maintain organization.

Managing Holiday Lights

Untangling holiday lights can be a hassle, but with the right storage approach, you can save yourself the trouble. Before storage, check and replace any broken bulbs or damaged cords. Label each strand with a note indicating where they were used. Indoor and outdoor lights should be separated to prevent tangling. To prevent damage, consider wrapping lights around objects like coffee cans, plastic hangers, or pieces of cardboard.

Tackling Gift Wrapping Supplies

Gift wrapping supplies like ribbons, tape, and wrapping paper often clutter storage spaces due to their varied sizes. Opt for a tackle box to keep small items organized and labeled. Cardboard tubes with one side open serve as excellent wrapping paper storage. Using sturdy rolls prevents paper from unwinding and becoming damaged.

Preserving Holiday Wreaths and Outdoor Displays

Original ornament boxes work wonders for keeping your precious decorations intact. Store holiday wreaths horizontally in their original boxes or place a protective bag over them before hanging. Avoid stacking wreath bags to prevent damage. Canvas, polyester, or heavy-duty plastic bags are perfect for other decor items. Seek storage solutions designed for larger items and label everything for easy access in the following year.

Caring for Holiday Candles

To maintain the integrity of candles, wrap them in cellophane or old socks. Avoid using wax paper or plastic wrap to prevent sticking. Store candles in a flat position away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures to prevent melting. Once wrapped, place them in crates, boxes, or specialized ornament storage containers.

The Advantages of Using a Storage Unit for Holiday Decorations

Considering a self storage unit offers several benefits for holiday decor enthusiasts. With a dedicated storage space, you can free up valuable home space and keep your decorations safely stored until the next festive season. YourWay Storage provides secure, accessible, and clean self storage solutions. Our surveillance cameras, robust locks, and alarm systems ensure the safety of your decorations, including Christmas trees and wreaths.

Embrace the convenience of a self storage unit this holiday season to preserve the magic of decorations while optimizing your home's space. YourWay Storage is here to make your holiday organization hassle-free and secure. Rent a storage unit today and enjoy a clutter-free, organized holiday experience.

In summary, properly storing holiday decorations in a self storage unit in Pocatello can help you protect your cherished items and free up space at home. Whether it's Christmas trees, ornaments, lights, wrapping supplies, wreaths, or candles, there are efficient methods for preserving them until the next holiday season. Utilizing a self storage unit like YourWay Storage ensures the safety and organization of your holiday decorations, making your festive experience more enjoyable and hassle-free.

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